Looking to work on your accent? Let's get started!

Here's how the Compton P-ESL Method for Accent Modification works:

Step 1: Complete free screening tool. After completion, you will receive your results via email.

Step 2: Take the “Initial Assessment.”  We begin our careful analysis by scheduling an initial assessment in person or online to evaluate your spoken English and customize a weekly instructional plan.

Step 3: Attend private, weekly 60-minute instructional sessions -- either in-person in Westchester, NY or via telephone/web conference tools such as Skype. The program is 13 weeks long for international accents, or 7 weeks for regional North American accents.  During the weekly sessions, we will practice specific spoken language sounds using the PES-L research-based instructional methods.

Step 4: Practice is key. Repetition will be important in reducing accented speech.

Step 5: Take the “Final Assessment.” This is when we will measure your results.  You will receive a data-driven report that analyzes the progress you have made since your pre-instruction assessment. 


Compton P-ESL Method

Compton P-ESL Method