How do I know if Compton P-ESL Method is right for me?                      
This program is recommended for non-native English speakers who are comfortable with English language grammar but have difficulty being understood or saying certain sounds when speaking English -OR- regional English language speakers who find that their accent is distracting others from content that is being shared.

Does Compton P-ESL Method really work?
This method, based on decades of ongoing research, improves pronunciation according to Standard American English.  It teaches how to pronounce and differentiate speech sounds (vowels and consonants that are different from the speaker's native language) and intonational patterns of spoken speech.

How long does Compton P-ESL Method take to complete?                      
Each weekly session is 60 minutes long.  It is designed as a 13 week program for international accents and 7 weeks for North American regional accents.

Where can I go for your Compton P-ESL Method instruction?                                            
Personalized instruction is provided via telephone, web conference tools such as Skype, or private sessions in Westchester, NY.

What is the cost of the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Teaching Method? 
Please contact us to discuss pricing.